5 Must See Places In Catalonia

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5 Must See Places In Catalonia

Catalonia is one of the most popular region of Spain that is surrounded by the scenic beauty of the Mediterranean Sea and the Mountains. Catalonia is full of lively beaches everywhere. The region is comprised of the four beaches namely, Girona, Tarragona, Barcelona and LIeida. There is a lot to discover in Catalonia for tourists such as pleasant verdant valleys, rolling hills, scenic seaports, and peaceful country villages where you can get to hear the chirping sounds of birds and the sound of the bells of the church.


Most popular places that you must visit in Catalonia:

  1. Barcelona:

Barcelona is the pleasant and picturesque city that is bordered by the scenic beauty of the Mediterranean sea. It is a capital of Catalonia and the most bombastic second largest city of the Spain. You can visit an old town of city, Barri Gotic where tourists usually visit to socialize the narrow streets and peaceful squares. Here, you can enjoy the street musicians who play Spanish guitar that adds magic to the environment. La Rambla is a beautiful street where you can find a number of cafeterias and shops and it remains buzzy day and night. You can also visit Basilica de Sagrada Familia, a spiritual place and Palau Guell, a park that has a beautiful architecture.

  1. Tarragona:

Tarragona is a beautiful city comprised of interesting historical places and beaches. The city is very interesting for the beach lovers and Playa del Milagro is a famous beach of Tarragona city. The city has a unique Roman amphitheatre that is still well-maintained and was built in ancient times of the Romans. If you are a seafood lover, then you must visit the old village of the city, El Serralo.

  • Girona:

The city is rich with its diversified cultures and situated on the bank of the river Onyar surrounded by bright color houses. The city is comprised of two ancient areas: Forca Vella and Medieval Quarter. These quarters that were built in the ancient times that have narrow streets and attractive medieval buildings. You can visit Sant Pere de Galligants, a religious monument, convent of Sant Domenech that is bordered by the impressive gardens and many more places.


  1. Vic’s Medieval Charm:

Vic is an old town that is situated along the coast of the river Meder. There is a museum, namely Episcopal museum where you can see attractive religious paintings and sculptures from medieval times. If you are a foodie, then you can visit the Plaza Mayor to have snacks at best cafeterias. If you need to stay at Vic, then Parador Vic-Sau is the perfect place.

  1. Sitges:

People usually visit Sitges for relaxing at the seaside. There is a blue flag beach where you can do swimming also. You can visit there two churches of old times: Iglesia de Santa Tecla and Iglesia de Sant Bartomeu. You can find lots of Spanish modernist monuments. One of the great examples of such monument is Cau Ferrat.

So, if you are planning to visit Catalonia, don’t forget to visit the above places that would add leisure to your trip.

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