History OfCatalan Independence Movement

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History OfCatalan Independence Movement

Catalonia is an autonomous community of Spain known for its beach resorts. But  this community was not this way before it was earlier a part of Hispania that was occupied by the Romans.It was all settled during the middle Palaeolithic  after which Catalonia established itself as an autonomous community.

After the fall down of the western Roman Empire, the area, came under Moors in  718 and became a part of the Muslim area that was ruled by al-Andalus.In the beginning of 760, Roussillion conquered this area from the Muslims.During the invasion of Barcelona in 801, it became part of the Christian counties.

The independence movement of Catalan is also known as the Catalan separatist movement was a political movement that resulted from Catalan nationalism.


History of the Catalan Indepedence Movement

  • The Beginning

Catalonia has been part of Spain since it was born out of the Kingdom of Castile and the union of Aragon in the late of the 15th century.The struggle for the independence for Catalan region can be traced back to 1640. After the Reaper’s war, a struggle by Catalan Republic was made, but it was unsuccessful.During the succeeding war of Spanish Succession, Catalans saved their institutions from home rule.

By the end of the war of Spanish Succession,1714, The crown of Aragon has lost many unique laws, rules and institutions. Based on the thesis from the 19th century, Catalonia is refereed to as a nation that has been derived from modern, political and artistic ideology based on the language, traditions and history  of Catalonia.The beginning of being a separate community started from during mid 19th and early 20th century.

  • Early twentieth century

During the early 20th century,Mancomunitat de Catalunya, a coalition of county councils was forged by Enric Prat de la Riba to renovate as well as modernize Catalonia through building state structures.Between 1920 and 1930, the first pro-independent political party was created.

The alliance of Catalan nationalist parties turned out to be the most voted force in 1931 in Catalonia.It prompted the declaration of the Second Spanish Republic.By 1932, Catalonia was granted a home rule institution as well as a law for an autonomous community. This lasted till the Spanish Civil War and succeeding Franco dictatorship.

  • After the Spanish Civil War

Just after the Spanish Civil War, Front Nacional de Catalunya, the pro independence party was founded by the members of Nosaltres Sols and Estat Catala.


  • Second Statute of Autonomy and after

Just after the elections in 2003, the moderate nationalist that had been governing Catalonia from 1980, lost its power to a coalition named Socialists Party of Catalonia.The Partido Popular opposed the statute, challenged its constitutionality in Spanish High court of justice. The case lasted about 4years, after the case many referendums were held all over in Catalonia regarding the independence. Put of the eligible voters, 40% people participated out of which 96% people voted for independence.

After all  these, the parliament on 9th Novemeber, 2015 passed a resolution that declared the beginning of the independence process. This was prepared by the CUP and Junts pel Si.

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