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Hi there! If you want to enjoy the perks of an autonomous state that is extraordinary then Catalonia will always be a preferred choice for numerous reasons. It has been a tourist attraction since pre historic times and also has served a filming destination for numerous famous movies. You probably would have heard about the beaches of Costa Brava and yeah they are in Catalonia; you would also have heard about the Gaudi and Dali, yeah they too were the artists belonging to this particular region of Spain. A historical culture is confined in the boundaries of this beauty and thus you are going to find a lot of architectural and inspirational stuff there.


I had a planned a Europe vacations with my best friends since childhood right after the college and they are still the best vacations I ever had. In those vacations our stay in Spain was for 2 weeks and we made the most out of it. We hardly slept the whole night during night times and we would rather go out and roam here and there in the beautiful Barcelona, we also tried sea diving there and trust me it literally bought me into another world of living; think about it, you can actually witness the underwater life with your own naked eyes. Ahh, that feeling is still inside me and has no words to come out. Speaking of the roads and travelling there, that too was not only amazing but I am willing to exclaim it as an ideal experience. Talking about the buildings, believe me you would have never witnessed such architectural buildings in your whole life; the twists, the turns, the cravings, the lightning, everything is just perfect there. A bit expensive trip but worth every penny was that one. The shopping experience was rather a cheap one but the quality was professional for everything. And you can get an idea of how much I loved spending 14 days there and thus I decided to share my experiences and knowledge with all you guys.


Here, you can find everything you can desire to know about Catalonia. Even its history and struggle to independence will pave way to our site. All the places that you need to visit while you are vacating somewhere at the Cost Brava in Catalonia, or even if you want to watch a football match there live, you can get the schedule so that you plan your vacations in accordance to that. Where you should stay, where you should have your meals, the places you need to travel to while in Catalonia, the galleries you must visit, the small experiences you need to go through and so on. The whole travel guide even if you have a few days to stay there will be a part of this site so you don’t really miss the interesting stuff. Even the latest happening will be made available for the readers to let them know about the developments taking place there. You guys really need to check out here regularly to find more amazing stuff about Catalonia.