Sparkling Sea, Spanish Food And Sandy Beach Discover Catalonia

Sparkling Sea, Spanish Food And Sandy Beach Discover Catalonia Image

Sparkling Sea, Spanish Food And Sandy Beach Discover Catalonia

Catalonia is a beautiful place located in the charming country Spain. The city is diverse from the rest Spain in many aspects. It is like a country-within-a-country. The gorgeous place has so many attractions includingbeautiful beaches and charming townships. The sparkling sea is like a diamond in the crown for this place. Apart from the beautiful places, their diverse cuisine and mesmerizing views are quite enough to steal your heart effortlessly.


Spanish food: A combination of taste and style

Spain is like a musical album. Everything is tied up in a thread very systematically and beautifully. As far as their food is concerned, it is an integral part of the Catalonia’s rich historical background. Catalonia is home to some of the yummiest, mouth-watering and unique flavors and cuisines.

  • Croquettes: It is one of the most popular dishes in the entire Spain including Catalonia. You can even find this mouth-watering dish in almost every bar, restaurant or hotel. This creamy and cheesy dish is loved by everyone.
  • Tortilla Espanola: It is the favorite meal for every Spanish. This omelet looks like a cake. This spongy and fluffy omelet dish can be a great starter.
  • Pisto-Spanish Ratatouille: This yummy dish is eaten as a side dish with meats. One can even take this dish as a meal with some fried eggs in olive oil. This yummy as well as healthy dish can be found all across the streets of the country. It is healthy because the dish has so many colorful veggies and olive oil.
  • Pulpo a la gallega: This outstanding dish is definitely not for the vegetarians. This boiled octopus dish gets its unique flavors from three very simple elements like olive oil, rock salt and paprika. It is one of the topmost seafood dishes of this area.

This is just a short highlight of the entire foodie show. Catalonia is blessed with some amazing flavors and unique food items.


Sparkling sea: Nothing but a combination of the sunshine and sandy beaches

When we are talking about the Catalonia, how we can forget the real beauty of the place. Catalonia is synonymous to many beautiful and dazzling beaches. Here are some glances of their beaches:

  • Garraf:Scenic and picturesque, this appealing Catalan region has a beautiful beach and it is much loved by local people. The delightful beach Casetes and stony ambiance give off a magnificent impression. The place has straight connectivity from Barcelona. This easy connection makes the spot a-day-trip-spot for many people.
  • Barceloneta Beach: Nothing is better than finding the real Catalonia right from the beach, which is located in the heart of the city. This beautiful and gleaming beach has cool surroundings. It is among the topmost and most-visited beaches of the Catalonia. For locals, visiting this place is like a short break from their hectic schedule.
  • Sitges: This joyful township has a cheerful summery atmosphere and is completedof around 17 sandy beaches, with its pleasantoverwhelmedhousesbuild for a perfect holiday destination and an ideal pickin summers.

There are lots more to discover real Catalonia, but when you scratch their yummy food chain and their beaches, you can get an easy idea of the hidden charm of this joyful place.

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