The Complete Guide To Catalonia, Spain

The Complete Guide To Catalonia, Spain Image

The Complete Guide To Catalonia, Spain

Spain is a beautiful country. The country is blessed with rich historical background and some amazing attractions. Among all beautiful blessings, Catalonia is the most attractive and amazing one. The beautiful city has a wonderful coastline with charming seashore villages, huge beaches and attractive beach resorts. The city is one of the hottest destinations for couples to spend some quality time together. But, there are lots more for other people as well who wants to enjoy their vacations with family and friends.


Highlights ofCatalonia

This delightfullydiverseterritory of snowy mountains, sandy coast and oldentownships and villages is basically a country-within-a-country. The place has its own prosperoustraditions and language and due to this reason, Catalonia is as different from the entire Spain as is the Basque area, but without the irregularoutbreaks of hostility.

Places to visit:

As we said that the place is diverse and blessed with its own rich cultural and natural sites, hence there are countless attractions available. All these views are must-see and one should visit at least once in his entire life to feel the deep beauty and charm of the place.

  • Tarragona: Historic Monuments and Beaches

Catalonia is a land of beautiful beaches and Tarragona is the live example of that. It is located around 100 kilometers away from the capital city Barcelona. It has everything that can make your stay more memorable and pleasant. The area is blessed with beaches, historical monuments, sunshine and lots more. It is a must-visit place.

  • Charm of Vic’s Medieval

If you are in the search of peace and relaxation, then this medieval town is an ideal pick. The town has two beautiful historical quarters. One is the Cathedral and second is around the Castillo De Montcada. Vic town has an extraordinary creative inheritance, which can be more exposed at the amazing Episcopal Museum.

  • Monasterio De Santa María De Poblet

This amazing site was discovered in the 12th century. Presently, the site is listed by the UNESCO. The place is still used as the place for spiritual devotion. This beautiful place has two outstanding museums Restoration Museum and Poblet museum. Both museums are the best example of artistic and religious creations.


  • Lakeside Banyoles

This natural beauty is located around 121 kilometers away from the Barcelona. The beautiful town is surrounded by the green rolling hills.The amazing town is snuggled between two charismaticrivers on the coast of alake.It’s a magnificent place to settle down, takesmaller nature walks, cycling and go for the boating. Many tourists might rent petite boats for canoeing. Apart from boating, fishing is one more famousactivitywith gratifying catches to be set up in the pure waters.

Best time to visit Catalonia

Well, if you are visiting a place like Spain and its heart Catalonia, then there is no time restriction. But, if you want to make your trip more pleasing and enjoyable, you must visit here in some specific time. The best time to visit this beautiful place is in April and May. Late spring is the most preferred time to visit here.

Holidays and leisure time is all about to add some golden pages in your memories. When you visit Catalonia, the place will give you so many amazing memories. Don’t get confused now, pack your bags and start creating your beautiful memories with Charming Catalonia.

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