Travelling To Catalonia? 4 Delicious Dishes To Try

Travelling To Catalonia? 4 Delicious Dishes To Try Image

Travelling To Catalonia? 4 Delicious Dishes To Try

Barcelona and the complete Catalonia region is world wide known for its yummy and delicious food. This is basically because it lies in the Mediterranean region, which has much of fresh stuffs. As it is located by the sea coast, seafood has the vital role in the Catalonian dishes. Very fresh vegetables and fruits are found quite easily. The nearness to the mountains make it easy to meats directly from sheep and pig breeders. There you could commonly find yummy dishes which would serve you with seafoods and meats basically non-vegetarian dishes. Catalonia is a very beautiful city and it is a must visit once in your lifetime.

Penne pasta

Some of the must try dishes of Catalonia:

  1. FideuaWhen you see this dish for the first time you will definitely think about paella a traditional seafood of Catalonia. This dish is made up of short noodles cooked in a very less quantity of liquid, in a dish called paella. The preparation of this this includes browning the pasta in olive oil, then it is left to simmer in the broth of shellfish and fish. The broth is added to it in intervals. It involves no stirring at all. A garlicky alioli has to be added to it right before serving. If you are fond of having Bouillabaisse and paella you will definitely like fideua as it is a must try of Catalonia.
  2. Eacalibada-It is also known as Escalivada. It is a dish made up from smoked and grilled vegetables which are usually aubergines, onions, tomatoes and red pepper. In the process of preparing this dish, all the vegetables are peeled off and de-seeded, then it is roasted in olive oil and then it is served either hot or cold depending upon the person’s taste. It really tastes really good if you eat it with Catalan wine.
  3. Botifarra- It is also known as Butifarra. It is a mouth watering dish made from the meat of pork with some spices added to it. You can serve it cooked or tapa as well. You can also try this with a bread which is rubbed with tomatoes and then later it is drizzled with a little bit of olive oil and a bit of salt into it.
  4. Calcots- There are made up of giant onions in the spring form which is barbequed and it is served with a sauce called romesco. It is a kind of sauce which is made from roasted garlic, almonds, red pepper and olive oil.


Apart from the popular Catalan cuisine, this region is well known for its gastronomy. This is a form of study, which included the scientific preparation of dishes and cooking. The most famous restaurant over there is el Bulli which is near to the Roses town.It was a well known restaurant which was run by Chef Ferran Adria. As this restaurant is closed not he has opened a new restaurant in Barcelona, which is also known as mini El Bulli. Some of the other famous restaurants are Abac Restaurant.

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