Why Does Catalonia Want Independence FromSpain

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Why Does Catalonia Want Independence FromSpain

As per the History:

Catalonia used to be an independent area of the Peninsula of Iberian, which is present days Portugal and Spain. It had its own customs, laws and language. In the year 1150, when Petronilia who was the Queen of Aragon and King Ramon Berenguer IV, who formed the dynasty leaving their only son who had to inherit all the areas of Catalonia and Aragon. This tenure lasted till King Philip V reign. Spanish Succession war ended when Valencia was defeated in the year 1707. Catalonia in the year 1714 and ultimately the island in the year 1715, this resulted in the formation present day Spain.

Eventually, the kings tried their best to make the use of Spanish language and wanted to establish Spanish laws in that region, but they left their attempt in the year 1931 and restored to the Catalan government.

FC Barcelona fans wave flags ahead of a Champions League round of 16 second leg, soccer match between FC Barcelona and Manchester City at Camp Nou stadium, in Barcelona, Spain, Wednesday, March 18, 2015. (AP Photo/Emilio Morenatti)

After the victory in the Ebro Battle in the year 1938, he captured the whole region and killed 3,500 people by forcing them into exile. Now he had the control of the whole region. It was granted the autonomy degree again in the year 1977, it was then, when democracy returned to the country.

Gradually the call for independence grew till July, 2010. It was announced in the court that  there will not be any legal recognition of Catalonia as a part of Spain. The economic crisis served as magnifying the call for the independence of Catalan.

As per the political view:

The Spanish Prime Minister, Partido is considered as the fourth largest party in Catalonia city. He is opposed strongly for any of the moves in the region. Artur Mas, the President of Catalonia leads the Union party over there. He tried his very best so that he could secure enough votes so that the nation could be declared as independent. He wanted such an election in which he is likely to win.

As per the economical view:

The Catalonia has been an industrial region for long. Earlier it was well known for trade of goods like textile and recently for the services like hi-tech companies. It is found out to be one of the richest regions of Spain. But, when the per capita income is concerned, Madrid has the highest GDP.

Withdrawing the membership of the federation would cost Spain almost 20% of the output. $314 billion is the gross domestic product. Thus, it has the 34th largest economy of the world. This would make it much bigger than Hong Kong and Portugal. Its GDP would be $35,000, which make sit richer that South Korea, Italy or Israel. The economic contribution of Catalon to the economy of Spain is twice to that of Scoland’s to UK.


Catalans see themselves quite different in terms of language, politics and economics. They are quite proud of their culture, tradition and food. They have a very popular Chef, Ferran Adria,  who is very perfect in his work. They have good football rivals also i.e. Barcelona and Madrid which is stuffed of legends which becomes a great event for both the cities.

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